Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Does Quality Cost?..Blusher

Hello lovelies,

Blusher is one of the few make up kit essentials that does not get used every day, so is it really worth splashing out on an expensive blusher knowing you may only use it a few days a week?

I'm going to compare my favourite high street and high end blushers at the moment, I have gone for powder blushers simply because I don't have a high end cream blusher.

High Street: Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks RRP £1.99
I love this blusher; it is super powdery, really subtle, easily buildable and incredibly cheap. I personally always go for the shade Pink Cloud but there are three other shades if you are not so keen on the baby pink.
The dusty texture sets your foundations and keeps it looking matte. It also allows you to use just a little of the product and build up to the colour you like. This is my go to every day blusher I have been using since early teens. 10/10

High End: M.A.C Powder Blush RRP £18

This is a more recent find, one which I am very happy with but will probably not rush to make a repurchase. The shade is completely different to the Natural Collection blush, but the texture of this blush is similar.
It too has a dusty texture, but where as the Natural Collection blusher applies more like a loose powder, this is clearly a pressed powder. It is much harder to keep just a small amount of product on your brush with this blusher and it is therefore less buildable. Having said that this is such a pale shade that it is very subtle. 8/10
There are of course lots of blushers I could have chosen from, I have just gone for one that I have that is most similar in texture to my favourite high street blusher. These swatches are single swipes of product on  to my finger transferred on to my arm; the blushers are much more subtle if applied using a brush, but as you can see the colour payoff, pigmentation and texture are really similar.

Overall, from all the brands I have tried, I personally prefer high street, I prefer more subtle blush and find that some high end blushers are too pigmented or the pay off is much more than you expect.
I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Let me know what your favourite high street and high end blushers are in the comments bellow.