Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Review: Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palettes

Hello Beauties,

While I share in the love for the Naked palettes I do have a few other gems in my stash I thought could do with some affection. Lancôme is one of my preferred brands, I feel the standard of high quality is consistent across all of their products, and everything looks so pretty!
Price: £37 buy here

Good: First things first the shadows themselves are really good quality. They have a velvet like texture and don't crease whether applied with or without primer. The lightest shade is glittery, the two darker pink shades are shimmery and the darker shades are perfectly matte. This is a great combination of colours as well, they all look really nice separately and mixed in any combination.
The applicators in these palettes are amazing! As you can see there are two applicators a dual headed one with a normal foam end to pat on the shadow and a sturdy flat foam end. This end is great for applying a precise line of powder on your upper or lower lash line. The other applicator is great quality, it is perfect for applying the darker shades in to your crease and smudging them out a little to create smoky eyed looks.
Bad: I have three of these palettes, so you can probably guess I don't really see anything wrong aside from the price. They are not cheap and there are lots of palettes of the same quality with more shades. I just love the colour combinations, it's really about if you will wear them enough to justify the attack on your purse.
What are your favourite Lancôme products ladies?