Thursday, 26 June 2014

bareMinerals: Lash Domination

Hello beauties,
Another mascara review today, and this one has crept its way into becoming my favourite, so get comfy if you want to find out why.
Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara retails for £17 buy here.
As you can see the wand is what makes this mascara so different from others. With it's 180° spiral all you have to do is swivel the applicator on to your lashes and you will get an even coating of product while it perfectly defines, lengthens and curls them.
The 10 things this mascara is said to achieve are; volumize, lengthen, thicken, separate, lift, last all-day as well as being mineral fortified, smudge-resistant, clump free and flake free, all of which are true. As you can see bellow, just one coat of this mascara provides lovely fanned out lashes that are lengthened and curled.
Of course if you want thicker lashes with more volume simply apply one or two more coats of product. The reason I love this mascara over others that as you can see one coat is perfect for day time, but the spiral wand allows you to apply a second or third coat at any time without it looking clumpy or flaking.
With other mascaras I brush through my lashes with a lash brush or clean spooly before applying another coat, but with this you do not have to. Perfect for keeping in your purse with that bright lipstick to bring your day look into your night out look.
Anything bad? Well, for most girls probably not, but I have found one little problem with this product. Does anyone else's eyes water when they lay on their side or am I just unknowingly emotional? Either way I have found that this mascara stings my eyes like crazy when it gets wet leaving me with two options; cry more from the pain and end up looking like a panda, or remove it and look like...well me. This isn't a real problem, I don't generally cry in public and it hasn't been a problem in the rain but be warned, if you are planning on blubbing through a film any time soon then this is probably not a good choice of mascara.
Hope you found this useful ladies, let me know your thoughts on this product. I plan on re-purchasing this when I next go shopping, and at £17 this shows how much I love this mascara.