Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Estée Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxident Creme

Hello Beauties,
If you read my last post you will know that I recently made a cheeky purchase from Estée Lauder and got some great samples including this pot of loveliness and a great cleanser which I will be reviewing shortly. 

Unfortunately I was not a massive fan of the Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme for reasons you can read here, this cream on the other hand I may just replace my current daily moisturiser with. 

I have been using Lancome's Rénergie Multi-Lift Cream for well over a year and have been more than happy with it. I was not looking for a change, it has SPF 15, a pleasant smell and a lovely soft jelly like consistency that sinks in to the skin immediately without making my combination skin flare up with excess oil. 
To be honest, although the creams appear to be completely different in colour, smell and consistency, they both do exactly the same job with exactly the same results. Neither of them have caused any irritation to my very sensitive skin and both of them leave your skin feeling nourished throughout the day.
The reasons I will be replacing my Lancome cream are A) because it is a whopping £4 cheaper at £60 per 50ml (I cry every time I finish a pot!) and B) because I am super lazy and I can get away with using this as an eye cream also, where as the Lancome cream does irritate my eyes if apply it all over my lids. 

I would love to know what creams you love to use, particularly if you have any drugstore suggestions that are light weight and suitable for sensitive skin, let me know in the comments.